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 Beauty and the Beast

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PostSubject: Beauty and the Beast   Fri Jan 01, 2010 11:21 pm

**This story has no asscioation with the Disney movie "Beauty and The Beast"**

This is a tale of a girl and boy with remarkable pasts and differences, who come together on a adventure to save their families and their emotions get caught in a dramatic twist when their true forms are revealed.


I can get graphic with certain details (some "sexual" to a extent but nothing REALLY bad) and often may come off as gorey. If you do not like either of these, I suggest you do not read. The first content I mention will be as we can put as teasers and then are cut off.

Here is the beginning. I hope you enjoy; if you'd like to give me pointers or ideas to add in please feel free to PM me.

Chapter One

One midsummer night, the forest of Sinclair was restless and dark clouds seemed to hang over the tree canopy. Ravens could be seen in the high branches, sqwaking at every movement. Dead leaves fell from the trees and branches broke like twigs.

A young maiden's scream could be heard, but none dare to stire. Her breath, it was heavy as she pushed her legs to run faster. Her cloth skirt was torn to shreds, exposing her bruised and bleeding feet.

Blood weeped from the claw wounds on her face and her blouse held by one strap; holes on the sleeve. Tears poured from her eyes as she forced herself not to look back. Squeezing her eyes shut, she pumped her legs harder; unaware of the exposed tree roots before her.

Her left foot caught into one of the roots and her body slammed into a mud puddle. She lay in the mud, crying and yanked at her foot to get it free. It wouldn't budge, she screamed and her body froze as golden amber eyes stared into her face.

Growls echoed from the shadow before and it bared pure white fangs. Stepping closer to her, the creature snapped it's jaws just inches from her nose. It seemed to snicker as she franticcally pulled away, almost twisting her leg. She howled in pain. Her eyes widened and her breath became nothing more than short gasps as the massive jaws sank into her throat. As the creature clamped harder, blood began to spurt from her fresh wound and her body went limp.

Growling, the creature tugged at her lifeless body and twisted her foot out of the root. Her neck twisted in it's mouth as it dragged her into the darkness, leaving behind a trail of blood. Turning the brown grass around the mud puddle a dark red...

As light arose over the small village of Kiron, men left the safety of their homes and headed for the fields for their daily work. Mothers stood in the doorways of their homes, watching their children off to school; some cradling infants in their arms; some seemed more restless than others as they attempted to go about their daily lives.

A woman's cries echoed through the village, catching everyone's attention. A woman was knelt before a guard, her hands over her face as she cried. In the guard's hands, a bloody locket in the shape of a heart. The woman's tear stained face looked up towards the strong man and she cried, almost screaming.

"Why my Telia?!" Tears streamed down her face. "Why my baby?!"

"Dear mother," the guard said, his voice cold. "We do not know why the creature has chosen your child. We do not know why it choses anyone."

Despite her cries and screams, he placed the locket in her hands and went about his way. Mother's urged their children to look the other way as the woman's husband carefully helped her up, carrying her into the house. One mother looked down at her daughter, whose blue eyes looked at her with question.

"This is why, my dear," the woman said gently. "You are not allowed outside, when the sun leaves the sky."

The young girl nodded, then looked down at her hands...

Just beyond the borders of Kiron, lie the Valley of Blossoms; a sacred valley in which the special Cherry Blossom tree blumes every spring. A hooded figure stood atop the hill that looked down towards Kiron. As the wind blew, it blew away the hood revealing the pale face of a young woman. Her violet eyes did not appear angry beneath her silky black hair, they almost seemed sad as she looked towards the village.

She sighed looking up at the morning sky. As she inhaled, she felt the breeze against her face and she opened her eyes, looking back towards the village. She spoke outloud to herself as she placed her hand on the hilt of her sword at her hip.

"A new start...." she said quietly as she began down the path towards the village.....

***This is not the end to Chapter One ^-^ I will be adding more later***
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Beauty and the Beast
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