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 Haru's Character

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PostSubject: Haru's Character   Tue Dec 29, 2009 12:56 am

Name: Larien Celebrindal
Age (Physical): 22
Age (Actual): 230
Race: Elf, Princess

Personality: She be calm at times, but she does tend to have a short fuse. However, she has a kind heart and usually cannot turn away someone/something in need; especially animals
Clothing (What does your character like to wear): She perfers to wear a white blouse/tunic with a black vest and black, almost peasant like, pants. But when around her royal family, aka her father, she must wear an elegent silver gown.
Job (Do they have one?): Princess

1. Agility
2. Power of light magic
3. Speed

She is very swift with a sword or a bow, thus comes the Agility and Speed. However, granted specific powers from her grandmother, she controls Air, Fire and Light. She can create things through her hands or objects. Her eyes turn from emerald green to amythst purple and a blue aura engulfs her body.

1. Short tempered
2. Stubborn
3. Has a weak spot for children and animals

Many of these are self explanatory.


Hair: Blonde, to her waist
Eyes: Emerald green
Height: 5'4"
Build (Slim, average, etc..): Average

Does your character have any pets that travel/live with them? If so please fill out below.

Name: Kaine
Type (Wolf, cat, etc..): Wolf
Appearance (You may post a pic if you'd like): He comes to the middle of Larien's thigh when standing on all fours. His coat is black with a red strip going down his back.


Family History: Larien is the youngest of 4 children, as well as the only girl. Her father is King of the largest elven kingdom of middle earth, Marria. However, her mother died in a fire when she was just at the age of 3 (in human years) and at her age now greatly resembles her mother. She is very close to her brother, Dorin, but her eldest brother, Daisear resents her for reasons that will be explained later.

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Haru's Character
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