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 ::RPG Guidelines::

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PostSubject: ::RPG Guidelines::   Mon Dec 28, 2009 12:54 am

These rules apply to all the forums in this category of the Roleplaying worlds. Please read them before you post, anyone who does not abide by these rules will have their posts deleted and recieve three warnings; if they still fail to follow them, your account will be suspended for a few days.

Every forum, fantasy, sci-fi, etc., is not strictly to that genre. However, you cannot have sci-fi in the fantasy category. By genre, I mean, adventure, romance, horror, etc. You are allowed to have multiple genres in your roleplays, for example, if you are posting in fantasy, you may allow the genre to be adventure and romance. You are not limited to just one. I just ask that you stick to the category that you are posting in.

Everything on this forum is PG 13. This includes the Roleplay worlds. If you are posting with one other person consistantly, and you wish to go above PG 13, please take it to your private messages. However, please do not leave the forum hanging. Take your R rating and tone it down to PG 13 for the forum to continue, or it will die off.

Spamming is not fun, no one likes it so please don't do it. Don't advertise your roleplay in another forum unless it is random chat. Such posts else where will be deleted.

Goddmodding is stupid, just don't do it. If you don't know what Goddmodding is, it is when you control someone else's character. For example, Derek slapped Sandra and she fell to the ground. Derek does not control Sandra, you cannot post this. Goddmodders will recieve warnings, up to three, if such acts continue, posts will be deleted.

Literacy. We understand if you're a first time roleplayer, but do not post with *'s. This is TOO noobish. We ask that you possibly give us a small paragraph, you don't have to be as extensive as older members. A couple sentences is acceptable.

Harrassment. Anyone that is being harrassed by another member is to report that member to an admin. Your name will not be mentioned, and the matter will be dealt will. I just ask that you send your message as the form below:

Your name:
Harrasser's name:
How long it's been happening:

An issue has to have been going on for at least 4 days before you report it. Don't report someone harrassing you in forums because admins and mods will have already seen it and taken care of it. I want my members to be happy here. Smile

Well, all that's left is to have fun!

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::RPG Guidelines::
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