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 Thetis: The Ice Demon

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PostSubject: Thetis: The Ice Demon   Thu Feb 11, 2010 2:31 pm

Name: Thetis
Age (Physical): 12
Age (Actual): 1930
Race: Demon

Personality: A kind and caring facade when really he despises all of humanity, and mythic creatures, believes that he alone should live on the earth.
Clothing (What does your character like to wear): Blue hooded shirt with shorts
Job (Do they have one?): none

1. Ice manipulation
2. Regenerative powers
3. Master with any pole-arm

(Slight detail please.)

1. Arrogant
2. Flamboyant and a showoff, adores attention so much he can be blinded by it
3. Cant come in contact with anything considered Holy.

(Slight detail please.)


Hair: Blue
Eyes: Red
Height: 4' 2"
Build (Slim, average, etc..): Scrawny

Does your character have any pets that travel/live with them? If so please fill out below.

Type (Wolf, cat, etc..):
Appearance (You may post a pic if you'd like):

"Born" in the coldest circle of hell, he grew tired of torturing the souls of the damned and escaped.

Family History: no family
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Thetis: The Ice Demon
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