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 Rai's other character lolz the second of many probibly

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PostSubject: Rai's other character lolz the second of many probibly   Sat Jan 02, 2010 12:47 am

Name: Hiro
Age (Physical): 21
Age (Actual): 397
Race: Vampire

Personality: Cold at first, but when he warms up to you he's over protective
Clothing (What does your character like to wear): a grey jacket, white tunic and jet black pants
Job (Do they have one?): bounty hunter

(sorry about the size, its the only version of this pic I could find)

1. Super strength - Hiro can Crush Bolders and bend steel without breaking a sweat
2. Hypnotic powers - can bend almost anyone to his will...aslong as their women, or weak willed
3. Immortal - he cant really die, and because of his nobel birth, he cant be hurt by sunlight

1. stubborn
2. Traditional Vampire elimination tools
3. a sucker for a pretty face and is a slight womanizer.

(Self-explanitory really)


Hair: Bleach white
Eyes: Amber
Height: 5'7"
Build (Slim, average, etc..): average

Does your character have any pets that travel/live with them? If so please fill out below.


Family History: a descendant of Shan, the vampire lord, but is unclear how he is related to him, seeing as how his parents both died in a battle against Lycans and humans working together.
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Rai's other character lolz the second of many probibly
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