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 Haru's Character

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PostSubject: Haru's Character   Sat Jan 02, 2010 12:13 am

Name: Kimiru Naiine
Age (Physical): 19
Age (Actual): 189
Race: Half vampire, half elf

Personality: She's often quiet but can get very loud when she is set off. Once someone gets to know her, she shows her trueself and is more talkative.
Clothing (What does your character like to wear): Most of the time she wears a white tank top and black pants.
Job (Do they have one?): None

1. Agility- She can move with grace and power.
2. Power of magic- She can create fire and objects in her hands
3. Speed- She can run swiftly and at great speeds (this is also called "fleeting" once she starts to run, she practically vanishes)

1. Short tempered
2. Stubborn
3. Has a weak spot for children and animals

Many of these are self explanatory.


Hair: Black, to her waist
Eyes: Reddish Orange
Height: 5'3"
Build (Slim, average, etc..): Average

Does your character have any pets that travel/live with them? If so please fill out below.

Type (Wolf, cat, etc..):
Appearance (You may post a pic if you'd like):


Family History: Kimiru was born into a not very well know family. Her father was a vampire and her mother was an elf. It was frowned upon for these two races to marry, but their love was well hidden until their home in the middle of the forest was discovered by the Vampire Lord, Shan. He ordered soldiers to burn it to the ground with the family inside. Kimiru was just an infant at the time and still dependant on her mother. Her elder brother Keize was about 14 years old in humans years and her older sister, Krystal was 18. Their father had noticed the danger when he noticed soldiers in the forest and told his wife and children to run. Carrying her infant daughter and linked hands with the other two, Kimiru's mother began to run deep into the forest, unaware of the vampires lurking in the trees. When the descended upon them, one of them dragged his claws down Mother's back greatly injuring her. Flames crept towards them from their home burning, and the vampires fled, certain that they would perish. WIth her last ounce of engery Mother ran to the river bend with her children, Krystal injured on her arm as well, pushed a dead tree into the river for them to and held Bush as she and Keize climbed into the water. Mother climbed into the water was well, her blood turning it red. She slowly pushed Kimiru towards her brother and sister who each placed a hand on her. The mother smiled as her blue eyes turned dull and she sunk in the water. Keize and Krystal floated away into distant lands, to raise their baby sister.

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Haru's Character
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